3D Tech Saga


3D Tech Saga, is a 3d printing service provider in Pune. We provide prototypes, 3D gift, 3D models and decor products. In the highly paced 3D domain, 3D Tech Saga comes into picture to be a reliable platform for providing customers and businesses with their general and customised products.

How To Order :

  • If you want to buy one of the products showcased on our website then contact us through the options available to place your order.👇

  • If you have your own design or idea which you want to be designed and printed then send your idea/ design to the contact options.👇

Contact number : +91 9284828646

Email : 3dtechsaga@gmail.com

Spiral Vase

Customised Moon Lamp

Customised Planters

Lithophane Lamp

Designer Vase

Spiral Vase

Decor products

Designed Planter

Pen Holder/Planter


Personalised charger

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